veterans day beer

You’re probably already familiar with how much beer you can drink in a day. You’re probably not aware that it takes about 7,000 calories in a day to get drunk. How about a day where you can get drunk on beer? That’s right, I said it. You can get drunk on beer. Get drunk on it. Get drunk on it. Get drunk on it. Get drunk on it. Get drunk on it. Get drunk on it. Get drunk on it.

I was going to say something super-exciting, but that would have been boring. Instead, I will say that there are many ways to get drunk on beer. Alcohol is an incredibly versatile substance. Its ability to turn into a liquid that can be inhaled, ingested, or even swallowed is no surprise. Beer is the obvious first choice. A small amount of hard liquor, or even more, can be added to a beer container with the intent of getting drunk.

However, if you add hard liquor to a bottle of beer, you are basically saying that alcohol is liquid candy. It tastes sweet and it makes you feel drunk. So, if you are going to get drunk on beer, you might as well get drunk on hard liquor. This will give you the same effect as if you were to try and drink a whole bottle of vodka, but without the nasty chemical-y aftertaste.

For those who are wondering, the idea of getting drunk with hard liquor is not the same as getting drunk with alcohol. A person can be intoxicated with an amount of alcohol that is not equal to the amount of alcohol in a bottle of vodka, but still be considered intoxicated. A person can also be intoxicated with an amount of liquor that is not equal to the amount of vodka in a bottle.

I was also surprised to see a beer that was less than one bottle (less than half a bottle). You can’t get that kind of beer in the UK.

A person can’t drink alcohol. The idea is to get drunk by drinking alcohol.

Its not so much that you cant drink alcohol. In fact, you can drink alcohol and still be considered intoxicated. A beer can be considered a small amount of alcohol and still be considered drunk.

The reason I bought this beer is because I like to drink it with a bottle, it would suck if it was half a bottle. As to what exactly it does, it does have to do with the fact that the bottle itself is not as small as you might imagine. It cannot be that small. It can be that small because you cant drink it.

It is that small and because it is so small, it is so small. And because it is small, you can’t take a sip of the contents.

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