slushee beer

I was born in Germany and lived there for the first 20 years of my life. Now, living in the United States, I know one thing for sure: beer.

Beer is the most social thing I know, and we all need to take advantage of it. I think the most social thing we can give ourselves is a beer. But if you have a beer, you might as well go out and have a beer.

In the first 15 years of life, I learned to drink beer without having to really think about it. I was able to drink with a drink in my hand, and I was in good shape, so that was pretty good. I wasn’t a big drinker, but I always had something in my hand. You know, I just had to let it out. Now, I don’t know if you guys like wine or beer. I don’t like wine.

To me, wine is the most social thing. It is a drink. The second most social thing, beer, I dont really like, but I had a friend that said, “You know, I think you should try some slushee.” It’s like, you gotta try it. You dont know what it is. I tried it, and it was horrible. It tastes like shit. I dont think people should be drinking it.

That’s good to hear. I don’t really drink anymore either, but I still enjoy slushee. I just think a lot of people should try it.

I don’t really like slushee either. Its just like it tastes like shit, but I think its a good drink.

I like kegs.

Slushee is one of my favorite drink to drink. It gets really good after a day of drinking, but the one I love is not because I like it, but because I can’t seem to get drunk anymore. I love it because it’s pretty refreshing. I also like the taste of it, but I know you can’t get to it. It really is like a sludge, but just taste it.

I drink slushee all the time. Its a carbonated, sweet drink, and you get a little taste of that sweet sludge. I think it tastes like a sludge, but it tastes like a drink. I mean, it is sweet and slushy, but it is also drinkable. It tastes good, but i think it is just a drink.

This is not a beer. You can get slushee from any convenience store that sells it. A friend and I used to go to a restaurant in my hometown and get it there for $1, which was a bit much for us. So we would go to the other restaurant and get more for it. Now you can get it for only a couple of dollars.

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