philadelphia beer festivals 2016

I’ve found some wonderful beer festivals throughout the summer here in Philly. Check out a few of the ones below and let me know if I missed any.

As Philadelpreal’s first beer festival, last year’s event featured beers from breweries like Hops and Barrel, Paddy’s, and Kitchy’s. This year’s festival is looking to take things up a notch and has an even wider field of breweries which include Fosters, Redhook, Stone Brewing, and more. That’s a pretty big jump from last year but I think it’s a good one.

Beer festivals are great. They are an incredibly inexpensive way to explore a city and they are a great way to meet new people. Philadelpreals first beer festival is an annual event that is held the first weekend in July at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Last year’s was held over two days, so you can expect a bit more of a variety and more time for the beer to soak in and warm up.

Philadelpreals 2016 was a huge success with over 2,000 attendees and lots of beer.

Philadelpreals has always been held in July on the first weekend in July. This will be the 15th year. Last year’s festival had over a thousand attendees, many of whom had friends or relatives who were festival-goers. This year’s festival has a better lineup of vendors and a bigger, more diverse area, so you should expect more folks to come out.

As for the beer, you’ll find a variety of brews, beers from all over the US, and a few kegs that will be put in for sale. The brews will include IPAs and cask ales, some of which have been aged in wood barrels. The beer festival is a great way to get a beer in your hands before it goes on sale locally, if you can find it.

The other thing you can expect at the beer festival is that it will be a more relaxed, community-sized event. It’s not like the ones that are held in bars and restaurants, but it’s still a pretty big crowd. And it’s probably a good thing too. If you’re going to be at a festival in the Philly area, you might as well be surrounded by people, and a lot of people, who will probably be talking about you.

To begin with, beer festivals are always a pretty big deal. The festival itself is usually held at a bar or restaurant, but the crowds always tend to be a bit smaller there than in a lot of the other bars and restaurants. And the beer that is sold at the festival is usually the least expensive that it can be. That makes it an easy choice for people looking to make a night of it.

Philadelphia, as a whole, has a pretty big beer culture. You can find a lot of great beer options around town, and the city is full of breweries and brew pubs that are worth checking out. The reason why I like to go to beer festivals is because it’s pretty hard to go to one you don’t already know about. The best way to experience a beer festival is to try it. The main reason being that there’s not always that much beer to choose from.

The best way is when you know where to go. The best beer festival I’ve been to so far was the Philadelphia Beer Festival. The city has a ton of breweries and brewpubs and there are a lot of breweries you can find off the beaten path that are worth coming across and getting to know. This is a lot easier to find than if you know a particular brewery is going to be there.

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