las vegas beer festival 2017

Beer is a great way to party but it’s not the only drink to enjoy at the Las Vegas Beer Festival.

Las Vegas is the location of three very popular local events in Las Vegas and one of the most popular. One of them is Las Vegas Beer Festival 2017, a yearly beer festival that takes place on June 11, and we’re going to talk about that event in a little bit more detail.

The event is actually the fourth annual Las Vegas Beer Festival and the third of it’s kind. Las Vegas is just the latest of these events to go on the local calendar and the third time it’s going to be in the same area. The event is now in its third year and the third year of the four that Las Vegas has held in Las Vegas, in fact.

If you don’t live in Vegas and want to be part of the party, the best thing that has happened in the past year is the fact that there are more than 6,000 breweries in Las Vegas (or at least the part of the city that is hosting the festival). That’s crazy.

I was actually at the event last year and had a chance to taste beer. I had a few beers and had to pass on them, but I was pretty impressed. I mean, its a small portion of the entire city, but there were some beers that I had a chance to try that I would have never had the opportunity to taste before.

The event itself was pretty nice as usual, and there were a number of beers that I liked, but there were a few surprises. The most impressive of these surprises was the barrel-aged beer that was poured as a limited release. This beer was a collaboration between the local brewery and the brewery in the city of Portland, OR. It was a beer that was aged in bourbon barrels for six months, then aged in oak barrels for the last three months.

I’ve been hearing a lot about this beer since I was a kid and I didn’t know the origin of it. I must have been a littler kid because I found out the other day that it is a collaboration between a few breweries. I don’t know of any others that have this collaboration option.

Ive been trying a few different beers since I was a kid for the past few weeks and I can honestly say this is the best one Ive had. Im sure you can tell because I know I will be drinking a lot of the time.

I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas, and I can honestly say the beer I had there was the best Ive had from the local liquor stores. I love the variety of styles they have and I cant wait to come back again.

Las Vegas is home to the best beer festival in the US. It’s called the Beer and Wine Festival, and it takes place in the city’s legendary Rosecrans Hotel. It’s a three-day event that runs from the weekend of August 20th through 22nd.

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