la chingona beer

La chingona is a drink made with a blend of chacon, or Mexican beer, lime juice, sugar, and ice. The drink is best enjoyed in a pitcher of ice-cold water.

The drink is great in a glass or in a pitcher because you can just toss it in the kitchen sink and drink it all at once. If you prefer a more solid drink, you can add a few slices of lime or a handful of crushed ice to the water, or you can mix the drink with lemonade or other carbonated drinks.

I tried the chingona at Cervantes in San Antonio and really liked it. I liked it because it was bright, refreshing, and not overly sweet. I also liked that it was easy to make and to make it at home. It didn’t have a ton of calories and it was definitely worth the $2-$3 price tag. The difference between my last pint and my next pint is not as noticeable, but it’s still a great value.

A good amount of alcohol is a good amount of food, so make it enjoyable and enjoyable for those who are not drinking.

So I guess if you’re going to have a beer, make it as good as you possibly can. The chingona is a beer that is made with Mexican peppers, and I would say that it has a good amount of alcohol. The chingona was good, but not as good as the chingona at Cervantes.

Chingona has a lot of alcohol in it (and is also made with Mexican peppers). This does make it a bit of a bad choice. The peppers need to be fresh and you cant drink chingona without them.

I think people are always scared of having some bad beer. But if you want to have a decent beer, there are plenty of good beer options. This is one of them, la chingona.

la chingona is a Mexican beer that’s made with chingona peppers, and it’s a very good beer. I think people are too scared to drink it because they don’t know what they’re getting. The only bad thing about it is that it is a beer that is not really made with Mexican peppers.

It all started when this beer company started selling this beer. They started by creating a brand that is all chingona, but they really didnt want to put too much of a strain on the chingona in the beer. So they added some other ingredients like Mexican peppers and then they took the chingona out of the package and put them in the bottle. Now you can drink this beer any time you want, and it will not make you sick.

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