guava sour beer

There’s no getting around the fact that guava juice is a great refreshing beverage. It’s fresh, tangy, sweet, and slightly sour, but none of those things are really necessary in the summer. The only thing that really needs to be done is to drink it on a cool day.

Of course, guava doesn’t work that well when it’s cold. So that leaves us with the refreshing drink of the summer, guava sour beer. That stuff is one of the smartest drinks on the planet. It’s almost like drinking a lemonade or a milkshake, but for the sour stuff. It’s sweet and tangy, but not overly sour, and it’s just so refreshing.

You can find guava sour beer in a variety of stores throughout the country. It can be found at Whole Foods, Whole Foods Market, and a number of other supermarkets.

When you drink guava sour beer, you have to drink it in a special glass. Its sour, but not nasty. The sourness of the beer comes from the guava, but it’s still all natural. The guava is a fruit native to South America. It comes from a variety of guava trees, but the particular variety I have found to work well for me is the ‘Guarapo’ variety.

This is a unique beer because it’s brewed with guava. You can’t get guava sour beer from the usual sources. It’s a specialty product. It’s usually found in bottles, and its only a half-dozen bottles, but still, it’s all natural.

The sourness is an important part of guava. You can only get it in bottles, but its worth the investment. It is a fruit that has a bit of a sour taste to it, but it is the perfect balance of tart and sweet. The guava is a very natural and easy drink, and you can make it in just about any way you like.

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